Energy performance certificate (EPC)

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All over Beauty
28a Bridge Street

Energy rating


20 April 2026


Property type
A1/A2 Retail and Financial/Professional services
Total floor area
92 square metres

Rules on letting this property

Properties can be let if they have an energy rating from A+ to E.

You can read guidance for landlords on the regulations and exemptions.

Energy rating and score

This property’s energy rating is C.

Energy efficiency chart This property’s energy rating is C with a score of 65. Properties get a rating from A+ to G and a score. Rating C is for a score of 51 to 75. The ratings and scores are as follows from best to worst. Rating A+ is for a score below zero. Rating A is for a score of zero to 25. Rating B is for a score of 26 to 50. Rating C is for a score of 51 to 75. Rating D is for a score of 76 to 100. Rating E is for a score of 101 to 125. Rating F is for a score of 126 to 150. Rating G is for a score over 150. Net zero CO2

Properties get a rating from A+ (best) to G (worst) and a score.

The better the rating and score, the lower your property’s carbon emissions are likely to be.

How this property compares to others

Properties similar to this one could have ratings:

If newly built
23 A
If typical of the existing stock
66 C

Breakdown of this property’s energy performance

Main heating fuel
Natural Gas
Building environment
Heating and Natural Ventilation
Assessment level
Building emission rate (kgCO2/m2 per year)

Who to contact about this certificate

Contacting the assessor

If you’re unhappy about your property’s energy assessment or certificate, you can complain to the assessor who created it.

Assessor’s name
Mr Richard Lee

Contacting the accreditation scheme

If you’re still unhappy after contacting the assessor, you should contact the assessor’s accreditation scheme.

Accreditation scheme
Stroma Certification Ltd
Assessor’s ID
0330 124 9660

About this assessment

Local EPC
Employer address
Ascot House, The Downs, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, FY6 7EG
Assessor’s declaration
The assessor is not related to the owner of the property.
Date of assessment
20 April 2016
Date of certificate
21 April 2016

Other certificates for this property

If you are aware of previous certificates for this property and they are not listed here, please contact us at or call our helpdesk on 020 3829 0748 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Certificate number
Expired on
24 September 2022