Become a Franchisee

What is franchising?

Franchising is a successful way of doing business. It involves a company (Rutter Green) selling all or part of its business model and trademark, alongside training and support, to another party (You) who then opens up their own similar business replicating an already tried and tested successful business model.


There are multiple benefits to opening your estate agency business. From minimising your costs with our packaged licence fee which includes all of the technology to run a business; to maximising your income with our superior rates and proficient support, you will be more supported with the backing of the Rutter Green brand than if you were to be on your own.

You’ll get all the tech, training, marketing and support a branch gets – without the complexity. Your fee gives you your own trading area of prime responsibility and everything you need to run a successful business.

If you’re a real people person, keen to build long-term relationships, both you and your clients will love the one-to-one service that Rutter Greens franchises provide.

You get:

  • Complete control, with a five-year deal
  • Extensive franchise support
  • Independent social media accounts
  • Retain 90% income
  • Area of prime responsibility