Utilizing an Auction House stands out as one of the swiftest, safest, and most secure methods for selling a property. Upon the fall of the hammer, a legally binding contract is established between the seller and the buyer. In a traditional ‘unconditional’ auction sale, the buyer is required to promptly pay a 10% non-refundable deposit, and completion is scheduled within 28 days, unless otherwise specified. This arrangement ensures both the seller and buyer experience security and expedited proceedings, alleviating much of the stress associated with conventional property sales, which can often be protracted.

The transaction process is entirely transparent, providing sellers with assurance that they have secured the ‘best price’ available in the market at that time. The visibility of all bids to all participants eliminates secrecy in the bidding process. Opting for the ‘conditional’ auction route, also known as the Modern Method of Auction (MMoA), allows buyers to commit to the purchase by paying a non-refundable reservation fee. This method grants them an extended period, typically up to 56 days, to complete the transaction, introducing flexibility for mortgage or finance-based purchasers to participate in the auction process.

Many sellers find themselves in need of a rapid property sale, often more urgent than what a Private Treaty (estate agency sale) can offer. Various circumstances such as financial challenges, probate sales, investment portfolio adjustments, structural issues, or land-related considerations prompt sellers to explore alternative sales routes. Every buyer must be capable of paying a non-refundable reservation fee immediately upon securing the property. While the fee varies across price ranges, it is strategically set to ensure commitment, resulting in an impressive 99% completion rate for our sales. In contrast to standard estate agency sales where no deposits are taken, our auction route offers the most secure path to a sale, combining speed and transparency.

Achieve 100% Market Value for Your Property!

We strive to sell your property at its full market value by initiating interest through a strategic approach of setting a low starting price. Leveraging major portals, we expose your property to a vast audience with extensive auction cycles or advertising time leading up to the auction day.

Competitively pricing properties ensures heightened interest, and the accelerated timescales prompt buyers to act swiftly to secure your property.


✓ Resolve chain breaks ✓ Settle outstanding mortgages ✓ Address issues with short leasehold properties ✓ Facilitate relocations ✓ Prevent repossession ✓ Assist with challenges like unemployment ✓ Liquidate assets to clear debts or bankruptcy ✓ Securely sell inherited properties ✓ Manage the sale of tenanted properties

The key to selling a challenging property lies in finding buyers willing to pay the best possible price. Regardless of past or future values based on renovations, the property is valued at what someone is willing to pay at the time of sale. Our role is to extract the highest value from every registered bidder in an auction sale, where buyers are committed to completing the purchase.

Benefiting from an achievable and protective ‘reserve price,’ sellers can initiate bidding up to 10% below to maximize the property’s appeal. Restricting the advertising/sale period enables us to connect with motivated purchasers who are ready to take decisive action.

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